"Ernestine, la veste qui patine... Ça y est nous les avons faites ces petites vestes toutes douces et chaudes que nos chères clientes nous ont si souvent réclamées..."

With Ernestine you will be ready to fire the ice ring! Small nets laces, for some shining rhinestones zippers (Dark Red and Grigio), Ernestine, warms up and dresses skating girls... Ernestine offers three variants of thermal fabrics. This skating jacket combines warmth, comfort, sweetness and elasticity.

Thermal and technical fabrics: 
73% polyamide, 27% élasthane, in colored Dark Purple and Dark Red (polar lined flannelette)
85% polyamide, 15% élasthane, in colored Grigio (polar lined)
53% polyester, 37% nylon, 10% spandex Polartec PowerStretch, Long durability, in colored Electric Blue

Oeko-Tex certified

The "little extra" of Ice and Cookie: on request, we can personalize Ernestine so that it will be "unique"! Ask us for a quote...

William our little skate "charm", which is attached to the zipper, is sold separately!


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