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This website is the exclusive property of Ice & Cookie Sàrl society. No reproduction or partial representation is authorized without prior written consent by Ice & Cookie Sàrl. Despite all care given to its creation and updates, errors may occur in the information and documents presented. Therefore, Ice & Cookie Sàrl cannot guarantee the accuracy or precision of information made available on its website. As a result, the editor is not liable under any circumstances. Please feel free to notify errors at contact@iceandcookie.ch. Ice & Cookie Sàrl reserves the right to modifications without notice. 

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Terms of sale www.iceandcookie.ch

Application of general sale conditions: the consumer confirms having read and accepted terms before purchase.


1 - Product availability

All products presented on www.iceandcookie.ch are subject to availability at moment of purchase. Ice & Cookie Sàrl reserves the right to modify at any moment the nature of articles available on its website. Ice & Cookie Sàrl will inform its client in the event that a product is may no longer be available.


2 – Price

Prices are indicated in Swiss Francs before TVA tax. Prices are in effect during the moment of purchase. Prices may vary without notice during specials, promotions or marketing eventualities. Shipping and handling fees are subject to purchase confirmation. (see ch. 8)

Ice & Cookie Sàrl works hard to ensure that all prices listed on its website are correct, but can not guarantee the absolute absence of error. If an error in the price of an item should occur, Ice & Cookie Sàrl will give the customer the option to confirm the purchase of the product at the correct price or cancel the order. If Ice & Cookie Sàrl is unable to contact the buyer, the order will be cancelled. Payment must be made in advance. No order will be validated until Ice & Cookie Sàrl has received the payment confirmation for the full amount of the order. 


3 – Ordering (placement)

The buyer must ensure that all shipping information is correct and is subject to the following conditions: if an error should occur in the recipients address, the seller is not responsible for failure in shipment and the buyer must assume new costs related to shipping and handling. The buyer must 18 years of age. The consent of a legal representative is required for minors. People under guardianship must require the consent of their guardian. Orders are not final until the agreement of price has been confirmed by the buyer. All modifications or cancellations to purchase orders are the responsibility of the buyer and is non-refundable.


4 – Reproduction of articles

Despite the care given by the Ice & Cookie Sàrl team during photo shoots, differences in colour may occur with items shown on its website and delivered products. Items may not be returned due to colour discrepancies.


5 – Payment method

Several payment methods are offered to our customers:

• Credit cards: Ice & Cookie Sàrl accepts most debit and credit cards. Payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard. Credit card numbers are not saved. (cf.ch.6).

• Online or ATM bank transfers can be made to the following account:

Bank: UBS SA, rue de Lausanne 6, 1800 Vevey (numéro de clearing 255).

Beneficiary : Ice & Cookie Sàrl, Chemin des Pâles 60, 1095 Lutry, Suisse

IBAN :CH18 0025 5255 1043 1501 Y  



Bank transfer payments must be made within 3 working days of placing your order.

Any order electronically signed by clicking “Proceed to checkout” is an irrevocable acceptance and involves payment of the full amount. After a period of 3 workings days, we cannot guarantee the availability of items ordered.

We do not accept invoices or checks.


6 - Online Payment Security

Transactions on www.iceandcookie.ch are secured via SSL 256bit AES. We do not record credit card information at any time. For more information on PCI, see page http://www.shopify.com/pci-compliant


7 - Delivery

Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be processed as soon as possible. Delivery will be shipped to the address specified by the customer. All of our items are delivered in Switzerland by Swiss Post. For shipments in Europe, France, Germany, Austria, Spain etc…Shipments are insured by either Swiss Post or other providers and delivery time may vary due to postal service.


8 - Delivery Charges

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and depend on the weight and volume of order, delivery address and carrier.

• Switzerland: Shipments are handled by Swiss Post via B mail. Shipping and handling prices start at CHF 3.80.

• Europe: Shipping costs with Swiss Post start at CHF 5.80 and increase according to weight of order. Possible customs fees or TVA tax may apply and is the responsibility of the buyer. The customer is informed that any additional costs (taxes, royalties and other tariffs) by the postal service upon retrieval of goods are assumed by the buyer.


9 - Exchanges

All items can be subject for exchange*. Ice & Cookie Sàrl cannot guarantee the availability of stock at the moment of exchange; a credit is possible unless stated otherwise.

*Returns will not be accepted on promotional items.

The customer has a period of 7 days for returns at their own expenses. They must first contact us to inform the reason of return (problem with size…) by email at the following address: contact@iceandcookie.ch.

Ice & Cookie Sàrl reserves the right to refuse a return is the buyer does not respect this last condition.

For a valid return

The merchandise must be in good condition and in its original packaging with accompanying documents, a copy of the bill or delivery receipt in the case of a gift.

All incomplete returns, damaged, or soiled by the customer with not be accepted.

The delay of 7 days starts from the date of items delivered. If the deadline expires on a non-working day, it is then extended to the next working day. The amount shall be taken into account (as a credit, no cash refunds) within 7 days upon receipt of controlled merchandise. When returning parcels, the post office will give you a receipt. It is important to provide this receipt in order to be credited in the event of a parcel being lost.

There is no possible compensation in error of image, price or text.


10 - Parcel or defective products upon arrival 

Missing product in package: despite the care given in the preparation of packages by Ice & Cookie Sàrl, it is possible for an item to be missing. Please inform us upon the day of package received or at the latest on the first following business day. An email may be sent to our customer service address: contact@iceandcookie.ch to advise us of a missing product or possible attribution error. Once verified, Ice & Cookie Sàrl will reship or refund the product, with reserve that the customer provides justifiable reason. Therefore, upon receiving package, the buyer must verify the compliance of all products received. Any claim made after this time will be rejected and Ice & Cookie Sàrl will no longer be responsible. In the event of a forwarding delivery, Ice & Cookie Sàrl will assume the costs.

• Defective products upon arrival: existing manufacturing defects during sales are guaranteed. Normal wear and tear of a product as well as inappropriate use does not give reason to any guarantee. In the case of a reasonable defect, Ice & Cookie Sàrl will either exchange or refund their product, providing that the customer provide reasonable justification. The customer then has a period of 7 days to return the items ordered at their own expenses.

• Damaged parcels upon arrival: Shipments of parcels are always at risk of being damaged or lost during delivery (art. 185 al. 2 CO). Damaged packages must not be opened. If you receive a damaged package, please contact your postal service to report it.


11 - Security and Confidentiality of Information

All information provided by Ice & Cookie Sàrl customers will only be used to process purchase orders, facilitate navigation and purchase of articles on www.iceandcookie.ch. As well as to deliver information by email about new products, special offers or of various news related to our website. Ice & Cookie Sàrl guarantees that the information provided by customers will not be passed on to any third party or company.


12 - Intellectual Property

Ice & Cookie Sàrl holds the intellectual property rights of its website and the right to display elements (photographs or other visual creations) on its online catalogue. Accordingly, partial or total reproductions of any element found on their website, as well as third party usage are strictly prohibited.


13 - Responsabilité

Les contrats de ventes conclus et les présentes conditions sont soumis à la législation suisse. Aussi, les opérations de vente seront-elles considérées comme ayant été réalisées au domicile de Ice & Cookie Sàrl.