Figure Ice Skating tunics to perform jumps, spins and small steps...

So that you can be elegantly and appropriately dressed for this exacting sport, Ice and Cookie offer a dramatic and innovative collection of tunics with flounced skirts, leotards and figure-skating dresses for training and competitions, as well as accessories to make you shine on the ice.

Figure-skating dresses and leotards

Figure-skating is not only a sport but an art, with skaters spinning lightly and precisely on the ice. To create that magic, accurate movements, just enough talent and an outfit worthy of the occasion are required. This is the reason that Ice and Cookie create clothes specially for figure-skating and ice sports. We design competition dresses and leotards for training that are both unusual and practical to allow ease of movement. Suitable for all ages, our collection of leotards, figure-skating trousers and top quality tunics are made in guaranteed European Oeko-tex material and carefully finished down to the smallest details.

Figure-skating shorts and accessories: Ice and Cookie quality

When choosing to dress skaters in our outfits, we also chose the highest quality. To skate well, comfort is the most important requirement and every tunic we make insures comfort and ease of movement.
Made mainly of polyamide and elasthane (lycra), certified Oeko-tex, our figure-skating leotards allow jumps, pirouettes and steps to be performed without constraint. Because fashion is also at the heart of this discipline, Ice and Cookie create trends by proposing, for example, figure-skating shorts, which are perfect for training or sequinned cuffs to go with a leotard for a competition. Fruit of a meeting on the ice, Ice and Cookie, figure-skating’s new fashionable label has fun with the latest colours, quality material and some sequins so that today’s little skaters can wear the outfits of their dreams.